U.S. Alert Features

Our Nuclear Emergency Watch System (NEWS) is the most advanced program of it’s kind, with incredible warning times that out perform the local, and national, alert systems.  Our notification system is designed to help you prepare for the worst case scenario and alert you if or when it happens.

  • U.S. ICBM Alerts

    The most precious thing you have is your time, our alerts let you know the moment an ICBM is headed toward the United States.

  • Updated Information

    Members also receive important news and information which may otherwise be overlooked or suppressed by media outlets.

  • Safe Location Updates

    Information is the key to surviving, which is why we provide detailed alerts on the Safe Locations and possible routes to take if necessary.

  • Social Communication

    Our members have access to backend social sharing and forums to communicate privately or publicly with other members.

  • Weekly Testing

    Our system is so robust we test it weekly to ensure full access to all members with accurate messaging and alerts to keep your family safe.

  • Single & Family Alerts

    Save time and money by keeping your family informed! Minutes are crucial to staying safe make sure your entire family is alerted.

Learn How NukeWatch Can Keep You and Your Family Safe.

How It Works

Our Command Center is on alert 24 hours a day, monitoring the conflict overseas and in the U.S. When an attack begins you have 30 minutes, to which our facility is notified, and the distress alert is sent out.

Become a Member

The first part is to become a member to the most responsive nuclear preparedness team.

Activate Your Alerts

Next, be prepared to receive active alerts in regard to Nuclear War, Safe Locations, and Information.

News & Data

Finally, stay up to date on everything you need to know in order to survive the worst possible scenario.

Nuclear Convoys Are Already Moving Missiles!  (March 2022)

You Must Be Prepared!

Watch The BBC Nuclear Attack Warning Above To See What A Real Warning Could Be.

Redundancy is Key

Our facilities are located all over the United States to provide instant alerts when people need it most.

Easy to Use

Once signed up you’ll start receiving test alerts to your phone, this ensures our system is ready at a moments notice to deliver vital information.

Information is Crucial

We provide up to date information on preparedness to keep you informed.

Stay Connected

We have created a small community which you can count on when disaster strikes.

Built For Nuclear Alerts

Our system is not about computers, AI or anything fancy like that. We are a Command Center with physical people monitoring your safety 24 hours a day.

  • Three (3) 24 Hour Command Centers located in various parts of the country to maintain redundancy.
  • Alerts are used to notify you when precious minutes and seconds count for your family.
  • Members receive exclusive access to information not otherwise shared with the public.
  • Safe location updates are provided to help you and your family navigate to safety after critical impacts.
  • Proper Emergency Supplies and Preparedness Items are discussed to help you stay prepared!

When You Hear This Sound It’s Already Too Late!

You Must Be Prepared!


Once you are signed up on a Nuclear Alert Plan you can activate additional family members inside your account at a discounted rate per membership.

Nuclear Alert Plan


  • Nuclear Alerts
  • Safe Location Updates
  • Member Only Information
  • 24 Hour Command Center
  • Add Additional Family For Only $1.99
  • No Contracts, Ever!