The End

The Nuke Clock Has Struck Midnight

We live in interesting times.

Our company, staff, and president were approached by individuals claiming to be from the FBI and Air Force Intelligence Community.  They provided accurate credentials, however something still doesn’t sit right with this encounter.

We were told directly to shut down operations of our Nuclear Watch Program, or face fines, raids and possible imprisonment.   We do not want to comply with this order, but the pressure is too much for our staff and families to handle. 

It is my personal opinion that something big is on the horizon.  Something they do not want us notifying our members of – a possible attack.  We no longer have freedoms in this country, not only is the outlook bleak and disastrous, but is planned in a coordinated effort to destroy the foundation it rests on.

Will we see a nuclear event in our lifetime?

I say come back in 90 days and you’ll have your answer.  Taking away the right for a person to be notified of impending doom, appears as if the war is on the brink of ramping up to tactical nuclear events. 

Thank you for your support over the years, please stay safe – especially in the coming months.  The next phase of this is soon approaching.